WE ARE CWV GROUP and we are focused on developing unique Real Estate projects in Miami. As a Family-run company for more than 20 years, we have created superb residential homes in Miami, setting the bar high in regards to quality standards. We are passionate about Miami. We believe Miami as a magical city, capable of awakening architectural and design admiration to the entire world. We cover all areas of REALTY incursion. We divide our specialties in different business units.

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By applying an integrated/ global 360 degrees vision, we deliver state-of-the-art service from the very first sketch, to the last unit sold. We are absolutely committed to deliver high quality, efficient Real Estate developments, that will last the test of time, setting a legacy of impeccable design, innovation and sophistication. We believe we can help build beyond limits eco-friendly places, depicted as absolute reference of a new urban standard.

As a family run business, we THE RINALDIs understand the importance of a beautiful and safe place to be called HOME. Our unique real estate projects are aimed to modern families. We are constantly proud of ourselves in creating stunning, eco-friendly smart homes that are as technical, as elegant, and as comfortable as functional.

Our vast knowledge of the market and our excellent communication with clients, are key to success in international real estate development organizations. We also exhibit a strong sense of community. Not only we cares about the environment, but we are also devoted to preserving the original architectural styles of the places we develop. We increase environmental care and help the community improve their living standards.